We are prone to conceptualize life in the thick of what we do every day. As humans we find ourselves attached to routines and carry out those particular actions in a particular way. Even if it's not laid out as a clear checklist, you can evaluate your routine by taking a step back and looking at life in the macro. Perhaps it's as complex as a morning rituals that checks off a 15-minute meditation to yoga to gratitude journal to 3-egg breakfast with your almond milk chai tea latte, or it is as simple as hitting the couch after work for your Netflix binge.

Take a step back, reevaluate. When was the last time you took a step back to review your "go-to" actions and priorities? By taking a fresh perspective, you allow yourself to slow down, zoom in, get organized and creatively reprioritize your routine.

By reprioritizing yourself you gain a clearer sense of your goals and ambitions creating a self-mapped journey to success. This fresh look opens our mind to double check behaviors that have become habits. Ultimately these habits grow to form stronger characteristics traits through these repetitive patterns. The beautiful news is that most of this is 100% controllable by YOU.

“Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.” ―Stephen Covey

So, take a moment to complete the following steps to zero in on your daily life choices - whether they are unconscious or conscious.


Write it all out. Take out a piece of paper and walk yourself through your day to review your daily routines and rituals. From rolling out of bed, getting ready, your morning drive, arriving to your destination, what you eat, your human interactions, breaks, evening events, entertainment, tv shows, and so on!

  1. When writing down these notes, consider either writing it down chronologically or putting into categories by theme or day of the week.

  2. Add a layer to note the time allotted to complete each action. This will help us understand needed shifts to scheduling for our later steps.

  3. Expand by noting the emotion that is tied to that action. Answer the classic question of "but how does that make you feel?"

Now that you've run through your daily routines and rituals with added notes on time dedicate and emotion, you have a clear understanding what is taking up time and makes you happy, cozy, inspired...or sad, annoyed, and irritated.


On a fresh piece of paper, jot down themes or categorize that resonate with how you want to spend your time. Think about these categorize as "buckets" your rituals will get filed into. Here are our top buckets:

  1. Health & Wellness

  2. Career & Growth

  3. Relationships & Family

  4. Learning & Hobbies

  5. Travel & Adventures

Start filing away by listing your daily routines and rituals under their respective category. Consider dropping out the items that are not servicing a positive emotion.

Expand on this! You've reviewed what you've been rocking, so what did you notice you've been missing out on? What can make you feel more happy? More inspired? More complete? Add on to your bucket's list with new goals. Ask yourself, what are the goals you want to make a reality?


Take the final steps to help organize your priorities to improve your life and wellbeing. The ideas are all laid out - so now formulate to a plan.

  1. Set realistic goals and deadlines: Review the categories' lists that you've created. Plug them into day-of-the-week, weekly or monthly calendars. Is something repetitive to reoccur every specific day of the week? Or it a monthly goal? Perhaps there is a timeframe or a set deadline. Whatever it is, plan it out.

  2. Make yourself a promise: Tell yourself "if I do X then I get to reward myself with Y" or "if I don't do X then I have to give up Y"

  3. Hold yourself accountable: Share your goals and promises with a partner. You don't need to do this alone. In fact, it's more fun to connect and progress in life with a partner.

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